Meet Sara

Sara, Salt Lake City pet sitter, With Oslo and Molly

Before starting Mixed Company in 2011, Sara spent 3 years working at a dog daycare and boarding facility in Washington D.C. As Assistant Manager, she learned to monitor off-leash play by recognizing dogs’ social cues and using positive reinforcement. She was also trained in pet first aid, administering special diets and medications, and adapting workouts for dogs of all energy levels and ages. Working with shy, fearful, or wary pets as well as with her own foster and adopted animals has helped her to understand the importance of patience in creating trusting relationships. She enjoys spending all day in the mountains with her dog clients and feels lucky that she gets to do what she loves for a living.

Tommy and Ally
In addition to dogs, Sara and her team care for cats, rats, birds, bunnies, and other small pets. Sara has an MFA from American University and is certified in CPR & First Aid. She participates in regular training courses on hiking safety. Her sidekicks are Ally, the Catahoula/Hound; Tommy, the Sheltie; and her two cats, Titus and Amina.
Titus and Amina
Titus and Amina

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