Meet Our Team

Sara, Salt Lake City pet sitter, With Oslo and Molly
Before working at Mixed Company, Monica completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and International Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Development at the University of Utah. She has three family dogs: Kona, Buck and Duke; and three cats: Mia, Gary and Karl. Monica was born and raised in Salt Lake and she loves hiking, climbing and camping in our beautiful state. She has volunteered at Best Friends Animal Society and has a deep respect for all animals and the role they play in our families. Monica loves traveling and has a passion for the environment and protecting our natural resources. She would consider herself a nontraditional person; she likes trying new things, and she has a hard time being stuck in an office all day - which is why training team members, hiking with dogs and cuddling with cats are all perfect roles for her!  Monica is also training to become a vet tech and works PT in a vet office gaining invaluable experience!


Michelle has been a member of the Mixed Company team for over six years! Her love of animals developed from an early age, growing up in Minnesota with horses, chickens, dogs and cats. She started out by training dogs in obedience and agility. She then moved to California to study marine biology, turning her passion to marine mammals. Over the last 13 years, she has expanded her experience to include dolphins, sea lions, seals, sea otters, penguins, polar bears, grizzly bears, and even elephants! Michelle came to Salt Lake City in 2012. Since then, she has been filling her days forming connections between Utahns and marine mammals. Michelle maintains a love for domestic animals of all kinds, and relishes the opportunity to bring a high level of animal care to her work with dogs and cats. Being able to pet, cuddle, and play with a variety of animals offers the perfect complement to her work with her other large, flippered colleagues.

Heather was part of our team in 2014 and we were lucky to have her rejoin us in 2017! She has years of experience hiking dogs and we look to her as a trainer of new team members. Heather studied cosmetology at Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty and still does amazing hair design in North Salt Lake (contact her to schedule). She has completed a pet CPR & First Aid course this year and can be relied upon as a great pack leader for dogs with special needs. She grew up in Salt Lake and loves our beautiful state. Heather spends most of her time on mountain trails and she enjoys watching all the dogs' personalities come out. She has also been a full time mother for 18 years, to children and animals. She has two of her own pets, Jake the Aussie & her cat, Sid. She loves adventure, spontaneity, & being part of the pack!

Andrea has been a member of the Mixed Co. family since 2013, first as client, now as pet sitter. She studied business at Hunter College and received a BS in Accounting before moving to SLC from NYC. Andrea has one dog, Mei the Rottie/lab mix, as well as 4 cats - Twyla, Baby, Antonio and Motley. She had a horse, Toogie, for 15 years, as well as a ball python, Eddie. Andrea volunteers with CAWS and with Boxer Lovers Rescue. She fostered a few dogs until she adopted Mei. After dealing with a dog who suffered with kidney disease, Andrea researched and became fascinated with canine nutrition. She hopes to be able to take accredited courses and continue with that. The knowledge she gained trying to help her last dog, Lucy the Boxer, has been invaluable in working with foster dogs who sometimes have a myriad of issues. Andrea's other passions are riding horses and gardening. She lived in an apartment in NYC so she never had a chance to have outdoor plants. Once she moved here she started to play in the dirt and hasn’t stopped yet!

Sara is studying Wild Life Veterinary Science and also works at City Pet Club as a Kennel Technician. She has 2 cats (short-haired calicos) and a dog (Newfiepoo). In her free time, Sara volunteers at Utah's Humane Society and Best Friends (including their sanctuary in Kanab, UT) and has been to vet camps that were on reservations which meant she was able to assist in animal surgery and herd vaccinations. She also took part in a class at the CTC to train Guide Dogs for the Blind  which taught her about training and proper techniques with dogs. In the future, she hopes to use her degree in Wild Life Veterinary Science to work where poaching is worst and assist animals on reservations. Sara loves the outdoors and her favorite animals are sloths.

Katherine (Kat) is working toward her PhD in Health, Kinesiology and Recreation from the University of Utah. She is also a teaching assistant in the Health Promotion and Education department. As of now she doesn’t have any of her own pets, but she had dogs, cats, birds & horses growing up. Because of her experience, we look to her as our Mixed Company bird care guru. Kat absolutely loves hiking, running and being outside, especially with dogs! She's originally from Maine, but has made Salt Lake her new home and can’t get enough of the mountains. While Kat is the first person we call when a dog needs a good running buddy, she is also happy to do pet sitting visits and overnight stays.

Erin received her undergraduate degree in Biology and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Utah. She has her own sweet pup, Layla, who loves running, hiking, camping and exploring Utah with her mom. Layla is a four-year-old Weimaraner mix who has been with Erin since she was a puppy. In addition to being a pet sitter for dogs and cats, Erin is someone we call on to hike and walk with dogs who really need a good workout. A firm believer in using positive reinforcement techniques, Erin is patient, kind and consistent with our clients and frequently comes up with creative ideas to assist in their training. Erin has always loved caring for dogs and has volunteered for an adoption center back in South Carolina. She looks forward to spending more time outside walking and hiking with the Mixed Company pack members!

Lara received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from BYU and is currently working with the developmentally disabled. She has an SSW (Social Service Worker) license through the State of Utah and loves her job. Although living in Utah now, Lara was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Michigan. She has a golden retriever named Raina and four cats-Oliver, Granite, Masey, and Cleopatra. She also takes care of a stray named Sylvester and a feral named Snowball. Lara has experience administering medications and shots to pets and has always had a soft spot for animals. Other interesting hobbies that Lara enjoys are reading, running, and quilting. Lara is a great addition to the Mixed Company team because of her passion for helping others and her love of animals.


Chrissi has her own pet care company, but still helps out with Mixed Co when we need an extra hand and we consider her an important part of our family. She's had a genuine love for animals her whole life. By nature a caretaker, Chrissi enjoys making animals feel loved and happy. She is happy to be back in Utah after her time in Southern California - she misssed the mountains. In the past, she was a zoo docent at Hogle Zoo. She also loves to knit and make dog beds that she sells at boutiques in the Western United States - they are so soft and comfy (see the Community Page for a link). In addition to being a pet sitter, Chrissi has a degree in English Literature from University of Utah and has been a licensed real estate agent and broker in Utah and California for the past 15 years. She absolutely loves working with home buyers and finding the perfect fit for them. Chrissi is currently parent to Sasha the Co-Jack (Corgi/Terrier) and Maddie the Maltipoo. 

Before joining the Mixed Company team, Julia attended Aesthetics school at NIMA (National institute of Medical Aesthetics) and became a Licensed Master Aesthetician. She grew up in Boston, MA and moved here in 2013 after visiting and falling in love with the mountains. Aside from being an important part of this company, she also works as a professional makeup artist for weddings, commercials, film, and photography. Julia has an Australian Shepherd/Husky mix named Lucy, who is almost two years old and loves to play fetch, swim, and go on hikes with her mom. Julia is also Pet CPR/First Aid certified and has spent a lot of time with a trainer when Lucy was first adopted to help work through her anxiety. This experience gave her a stronger understanding of dog behavior and body language, which makes her a great dog walker/sitter, especially with animals that are prone to anxiety or reactivity. 

Karuna was born and raised in Utah, but also lived in Göteburg, Sweden for a couple of years when she was a child. With family from India and Korea, she has grown up participating in various traditions. One that has been passed on to her is cooking. Eating and celebrating under the influence of multiple backgrounds has made her adventurous. This, along with her love for camping, hiking, exploring, and observing wildlife with her family (her parents are biologists), makes her a great addition to the Mixed Company team. She has grown up surrounded by animals and has always had an interest in working with them. She has rehabilitated injured birds and other wildlife, has had a cat, a dog, hermit crabs, and various other creatures as pets, and has volunteered at animal shelters. Taking every opportunity to understand animal behavior and learn about animal care has made her experienced and comfortable with all kinds of animals. Karuna now has a big Great Pyrenees named Darwin, a Boa Constrictor named Ggregg, and a Guinea Pig named Gibbothy. She is currently taking a gap year while exploring her interests and to develop her art skills. She also spends hours every week painting and drawing, often inspired by plants, animals, and other aspects of the natural world. Additionally, she takes weekly vocal lessons and plays a bit of piano on the side. All of her passions have made her a perfect fit for our team!

Hannah is an ideal person to join the Mixed Company team because she is not only very passionate about helping and working with animals, but has five family dogs herself and a special love for big pups. She has three pit bulls named Dexter, Dozer, and Duke. She also has a Red Healer-mix named Taco and a Rottweiler named Snotz. Hannah also has a sweet bunny named Goose. All of Hannah’s dogs are rescues, three from a local shelter, and the other two are strays she found (in awful circumstances) and rescued with her dad. Thanks to Hannah and her family, they are all happy and healthy today. This passion for animal care is what makes Hannah a wonderful addition to Mixed Company. Hannah also enjoys spending free time outside, hiking and camping with her own dogs; so she loves meeting new animals and spending time outside with them too!

Rachel comes to Mixed Company with a wealth of experience in customer service, project management, event planning, marketing, and administration. She has a BS in Apparel Merchandising Management from Californa State Polytechnic University. Rachel grew up with English Bulldogs but has been surrounded by all types of canine companions her whole life.  She loves fitness, hiking, and the outdoors, but will never turn down couch and cuddle session!

Merritt fits perfectly into the team not only because of her love for animals, but also because of her experience volunteering, fostering and adopting with places such as Lucky Lab Rescue, Texas GSP Rescue and House Rabbit Resource Network. Merritt has professional fundraising experience with both the non-profits Best Friends Animal Society and Smile Train. Her passion for animal care has led her to many fun endeavors, including leading bunny yoga classes and other special events to raise money for rescues. She has a BA in Music/Audio Engineering from Texas State University and was classically trained in trumpet from 6th grade all throughout college. Currently Merritt has two rescue dogs, Trapper and Georgia (a brother and sister duo of mixed breed), as well as 2 rescue bunnies, Emmett and Myles.