Off-Leash Hikes

Off Leash Dog Hikes in Salt Lake and Davies

Hiking is the activity our dog clients seem to get the most excited for. It is a joy to watch well-matched pups explore the trails and make new friends. Our outings can be on or off leash, depending on what suits your dog best, and take place both in Salt Lake and Davis counties.

Group hikes are never larger than 5 dogs for the consideration of other hikers. We always have leashes on hand, bring plenty of water, and are aware of seasonal issues when choosing the hiking route. All dogs must wear identification tags and have up-to-date Rabies vaccinations for hikes.

Our service includes transport to and from the trail as well as paw cleaning, fresh water, and a treat if desired when we return. After each hike, you’ll have a report telling you how we spent the time and any information pertaining to your dog's behavior or wellness.

A 90 minute visit is typical as this allows time for transport and a minimum of one hour on the trail, though often the hike will be longer if we decide to stay out and play. Half-day or shorter hiking adventures are available to accomadate dogs with different needs. We are happy to go on hikes during pet sitting visits.

Rates for hikes:

$20.00 - 60 minute visit
$25.00 - 90 minute visit

* 2nd dog from your household: $5.00
* $2.00 off each hike for clients scheduling 90-minute visits 3-5 days a week

For a list of some of the best dog parks and trails in Salt Lake City and Davis County, please visit our Community page.


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