Walks, Runs and Playtime

Walks, Runs and Playtime are all a part of our dog walking Salt Lake City

Tell us about your dog’s interests and play style so we can find the best routine for your dog walks. We're happy to go for a leashed stroll or run through the neighborhood or a nearby park. If you’re training your dog in polite walking or specific commands, we can practice those skills so your dog’s progress is positively reinforced.

We can also spend our time playing tug-of-war or fetch in the yard. We will clean up after your dog and give fresh water before leaving, along with any treats, food, or medications, should you wish. If your dog is older or has a medical condition, please let us know and we will adjust the level of exercise or simply spend time finding those favorite places to scratch. We are happy to go on walks during pet sitting visits.

Rates for Dog Walks:

30 Minute Walks:
$15.00 per day - 1 dog, scheduled 3 or more days per week*
$17.00 per day - 1 dog, scheduled as needed

$20.00 per day - 2 dogs, scheduled 3 or more days per week*
$22.00 - 2 dogs, scheduled as needed

* Longer walks, dog park visits, and mountain hikes are also available. Please note, if your dog requires a private visit and cannot be grouped with a few other friendly dogs there may be an additional charge. We can discuss your individual rate once we learn about your dog's needs and schedule!

Please contact us with questions or to set up a free consultation.  See Dog Hikes or Dog Park Visits for more exercise options.



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